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Comic Strip Adventure : create your business comic book thanks to our digital app.

Become team artists by creating a cartoon from our tablet application. Philosophy, script, and dialogues, comics is a complete, touching and accessible art that will bring your participants together in an original creation.


COMIC STRIP ADVENTURE is an innovative activity exclusively involving the creativity (buried or not) of your collaborators. Thanks to an extremely simple digital interface, your teams will be able to take photos to make a story in one or two boards.
Comic Strip Adventure : create your business comic book thanks to our digital app.


Participants begin by first defining a scenario and writing the dialogues that will appear in the bubbles of their board. An artist will accompany them in their step.

Then, after consultation with their referent, they will be put in scene via our COMIC STRIP ADVENTURE application. They will be able to use the places nearby as well as the accessories and / or costumes that we will make available to them.

After a last quarter of an hour of layout, each team will present its work to the others.


Through the humor, the lag and the fun side of their comics, your teams will be transported to a whole new way of expression, a playground based on the principle of storytelling.

COMIC STRIP ADVENTURE is a new EAGLES TEAM BUILDING activity that reinforces the cohesion of the team thanks to the creativity of each one.

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