The best of Team Building and motivational events in Paris - France

Team Building Paris

Team Building

Go Team Green Edition

A high-tech treasure hunt that turns any area into a discover, trail, fun of information, learnings and adventure in the world of sustainable development. Installed on tablets, the go team green app...

Comic Strip Adventure : create your business comic book thanks to our digital app.

Become team artists by creating a cartoon from our tablet application. Philosophy, script, and dialogues, comics is a complete, touching and accessible art that will bring your participants together...

The Escape Box, the real escape game for corporates

Put your team in the heart of stunning investigation. Motivate your employees and attend a collective awareness on the importance of cooperation in the group... A NEW IMMERSIVE ACTIVITY IN PARIS...

Energisers - Sound FX

Sparks fly as the audience is callenged to generate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race film. Participants are allocated an increasing range of sound effects, verbal and instrumental,...

Tubular Tunes Energizer

Our range of teambuilding event concepts is impressive, so is our ability to tailor them to any situation, goal, or location. Our teambuilding and motivational events are designed to be an integral...

You're On - Effective Presentations

You’re On™ - Effective Presentations is a focused, experiential skill-based program that will ensure participants walk away as better presenters. The program helps enhance communication, leadership...

Movies and Moguls

Movies and Moguls is a blockbuster team building program, set in the movie industry and designed to highlight the impact of appropriate resource allocation. During the program, participants have an...

Blues Express

The best harmonica Team Building Event in the world, by the best blues harp player in the world... Evoking the sounds of the deep South, the blues harmonica is more than just a musical instrument....

The Big Picture Team Building

It’s a frame up! Teams brush up on their artistic skills, creating a masterpiece of epic proportion. All they need is the ‘Big Picture’ Team Building approach... Everyone knows it is important to...

Orchestrate, high class Team Building

A powerful and emotional musical challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton as a symphony orchestra, that's the Team Building Orchestrate! They said it couldn’t be done. They said it...

Team Building Beatswork - Samba in Paris

With this Team Building, you can see the explosion of unity and common purpose of your team. What would it create if your entire group of delegates could form one of the largest percussion bands ever...

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