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The Big Picture Team Building

It’s a frame up! Teams brush up on their artistic skills, creating a masterpiece of epic proportion. All they need is the ‘Big Picture’ Team Building approach...

team building BP
team building BP
Everyone knows it is important to step back and look at the ‘big picture’ every now and then, particularly when looking at an organisation and how its people operate and communicate internally. With The Big Picture the importance of teamwork, co-operation and communication is reinforced through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions.

At the start of the exercise the delegates are divided into small teams responsible for painting one or
several individual canvases – each small segment of The Big Picture artwork. Armed with brushes, paint, very little information and importantly no idea what the image will be, the teams have to work with each other to ensure lines meet and colours match.

Delegates soon realise, that to be successful, they have to co-operate with the other teams rather than compete. In short, they have to take a ‘big picture’ view to ensure that each canvas fits perfectly and the final result is a success.

The Big Picture image can be inspired by a company’s brand, conference theme, products, values, goals or alternatively it can be a large scale reproduction of a famous work of art.

Once complete, the canvases from all the teams are collected, framed together and covered. The highlight of The Big Picture is the final reveal where, following a debrief, the masterpiece is unveiled to the delegates for the first time with inevitable loud cheers and thundering applause. The completed masterpiece can be displayed back in the office as a lasting reminder of the importance of teamwork.

Eagle's Flight is the world recordman with the biggest masterpiece ever realized (Guinness book).

This team Building :

Supports strategic planning
Develops networking skills
visualises the future
Creates Brands awareness
Celebrates success
Encourages problem solving
Changes Attitude
Reinforces creative thinking
Unifies the group
Offers review and reflection
Gives shared experience

Eagles Team Building

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