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The Escape Box, the real escape game for corporates

Put your team in the heart of stunning investigation. Motivate your employees and attend a collective awareness on the importance of cooperation in the group...


The Escape Box is an incredible activity that takes place in one room : your employees, divided into 5 teams, receive a video message that informs them of their mission.

By teams, they will open a box that itself contains four others. Through puzzles scattered in the background and logic puzzles, your employees are in a race against time to escape the clutches of unsavory people wanting to undermine the mission of your teams.


With this new exclusive activity, your teams combine their different skills to develop a real collective intelligence.

The pressure is high and some teams may doubt their success. But just like in life, stay cool, take a logical approach and a belief in their own skills can ensure the success of all, even in the most desperate situations.

The challenge is not easy, but success is all the more rewarding. It is above all a true team effort, the much broader sense of the theme, which will allow your teams to triumph puzzles.



Adventurer or pirate ? Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow? Our creative team has designed three scenarios with different narrative lines with surprising decor sets. So don't wait to reach the office of Professor Ben Gates or the ship of Captain L. H. Silver. They need you !

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