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Tubular Tunes Energizer

Our range of teambuilding event concepts is impressive, so is our ability to tailor them to any situation, goal, or location. Our teambuilding and motivational events are designed to be an integral part of a conference, dovetailing with the client's business, values, brand and culture. We deliver all this with a meticulous eye for organisational details, on time and on budget.

team building TT
team building TT
Tubular Tunes is percussion music in its most basic form. It's cost effective, simple, and real music and team harmony can be created within minutes.

The 'instruments' are brightly coloured plastic tubes, which you can whack against anything and they produce a note! Combine lots of people with lots of tubes and you have the perfect ingredients for a whole lot of fun - and a great demonstration of team working in action!

Key Business Benefits

Breaks the ice

Creates high energy

Promotes positive attitudes

Shared experience

Unifies the group

Numbers: 30 - unlimited


Time: 20 - 30 minutes

Location: Indoors or outdoors

Approach: Collaborative

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