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Lord Devon’s Demise™ - Mastering the Skills of Meeting Management

Lord Devon’s Demise focuses on process management and communication. The program introduces seven key principles for running an effective, results-focused meeting and presents a process to quickly gather, evaluate and organize information.

team building LDD
team building LDD
The program impacts team dynamics by highlighting the value of a leader, encouraging input from all individuals and demonstrating that shared understanding leads to enhanced productivity.

The Program

As representatives of Scotland Yard, participants in Lord Devon’s Demise work on a realistic crime scene investigation set at a grand English estate. The intense, information rich environment forces participants and teams to share, evaluate and organize an abundance of information in a short period of time using the tools provided. They have the opportunity to hone their abilities in a hectic-fact-finding mission that challenges even the most organized and detailed investigator.

Key Learning Points

Identify and practice principles to effectively manage meetings

Learn how to evaluate and apply information for maximum productivity

Discover how to distinguish between fact and opinion

Explore the impact of listening for understanding and communicating with clarity

Understand, apply and practice new processes

Experience the benefits of effective time management and organization skills


Conduct effective and productive meetings

Respond quickly and efficiently to change

Greater productivity

Effective communication

Rapidly and accurately implement new processes

Practical Details

Teams of 4 – 5 participants

3-4 hours per session

Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels

Ideal for use in both conference and training settings

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