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You're On - Effective Presentations

You’re On™ - Effective Presentations is a focused, experiential skill-based program that will ensure participants walk away as better presenters.

team building You're on
team building You're on
The program helps enhance communication, leadership and sales skills within your organization and will impact the bottom-line through more effective representation of products, services and ideas. Participants will cover the following topics:

Audience and Environment

Content – Presentation Components

Delivery – Speech, Body Language

Creating and Using Visuals

Preparation and Rehearsal

The small group atmosphere and continuous feedback loops enable participants to overcome fears and gain a competitive advantage by enhancing presentation skills.

The Program

In small groups of five or less, participants will experience a variety of distinct program components, each addressing critical presentation steps. During this one-day program, participants will make a minimum of four videotaped presentations.

Introduction and Overview
Participants discuss the components of an effective presentation, including Content, Delivery and Audience.

Content – “What you say”
Discussion of the presentation components, including “central pillar”, key supporting points, introductions, closings and imagery. During this portion of the program, participants make two presentations. The continuous feedback loops enable participants to overcome fears.

Delivery – “How you say it”

Discussions around voice, body language and creating and using visuals. The participants in this section do their third presentation.

World-Class Details
Participants will understand the importance of rehearsal and preparation, environment, answering questions and how to shorten your presentation if necessary.

The Grand Finale
The final presentation is completed, incorporating all the learning and components. A complete evaluation is done using a Competency Evaluation form.

Key Learning Points

Create clear, concise content for presentations

Communicate effectively to diverse audiences

Enhance confidence and public speaking skills

Appropriate use of language, voice and body language

Create and use visual imagery in a presentation


Effective communication

Improved presentation skills

Increased self confidence

Positive feedback and encouragement

Competitive advantage

Ability to effectively “sell” ideas

Practical Details

Full day session

Small group facilitations of 5 or less participants

Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels

Most effective for focused training sessions

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